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Buddy - Lhasa Apso

Buddy is my Lhasa Apso. Born in April 2001, he is a wonderful pet who is loved so much. He gets along well with everyone, is very sweet and funny!

It was Buddy that got me interested in bows. He was so cute, but I could never see his eyes! I didn't want to cut his hair, so I thought of bows. My venture into the bow business started as a hobby, making bows for my little boy. You just never know where life will take you!

All grown up now, weighing in at 25 lbs, he wears the large, 7/8" size bows. The bow he is pictured wearing above is a new style for me; it is made with 5/8" ribbon.

Buddy was only about 1 year old in the above picture.


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Sophie - Havanese

Sophie is my lovely Havanese. She also goes by "Princess Sophie".

You can bet, right now, at this very moment, she is at my feet! She doesn't need to be by my side at all times, but she really likes to be. Her favorite toy is her rope. She can NOT sleep without it! If it is lost, we must find it or she will keep me up all night! She is a super fur-baby. I'm so blessed to have her =)

Sophie was born in March, 2004. She is 15 lbs of pure love & fluff! She wears 7/8" double loop bows most of the time. She also looks great in the Lots-A-Curlz & Bad Hair Day Bows.

Sophie in the snow
Bows even hold up in the snow!



Just a baby!


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Meet Mr. Moby, also my fur-baby. Moby is a Miniature Schnauzer. He is an old guy, probably about 12 years old. We are not really sure since he was a rescued doggie.

Moby is a sweet cuddle bug. If not at my feet, he is near by. He is a smart guy... he can do many tricks!

Moby doesn't wear bows =(



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More pictures will be posted in the future.

Thanks for checking out my kids =)


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