LATEX ~ Top-Knot Elastics .:SAVE 20%:.
Qty: 500 ~ Choice of 3 Sizes

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Price: $6.99
Item Number: ELASTICS_R_500
Release Date: 05/01/02
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 Elastic Top-Knot Bands
Quantity:  500
Save 20%

We offer very high quality latex & non-latex bands. Our bands cannot be purchased in any store and are easy on your pet's hair.

We are often asked if our bands will cause hair breakage. The answer is "No".  Hair matting around the bands is the cause of hair breakage. Redoing your pet's top-knot on a daily basis will significantly reduce the possibility of matting & hair breakage.

Haley recommends putting your pet's hair up in an elastic band prior to your bow. This will help your bow stay in better!

Our most popular size are the 1/4" medium weight bands. Check out the new "Colors" Elastics.

Latex Elastics are packaged in quantities of 100 & 500.

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