Storage Case - Small 10 Compartment
Compact size for easy storage!

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Price: $4.99
Item Number: AC003
Release Date: 05/01/02

Keep your Bows safe, store them in a case!

This Item:
Small, 10 compartment case

What size bow will it hold?
It will hold any of our 3/8 bows, or 5/8 & 7/8 double loop bows with NO flag back.

How many bows will it hold?
This case will hold 10 of our 7/8 single loop bows, or 10 to 20 of the smaller bows.

Due to the size of the compartments, this case is   NOT  recommended for 5/8 or 7/8" Double Loop, bow that are made with a flag back,  Lots-A-Loops or Lots-A-Curlz Bows, or bows made with barrettes. Consider item # AC002 or AC004 for these type of bows.

Why do I need a case?
Not only will a case give you a great place to safely store your bows, but will keep the elastics bands, which are on the bows,  fresh longer. Haley recommends that all bows be stored in a case since the elastics bands are made of latex, and all latex will deteriorate over time. Storing bows & elastics in a case will keep them from drying out and becoming brittle. We have a batch of test elastics that have been stored in a case for 4 years and counting.. they are still in great shape, with no sign of deterioration! 

Pictured in the case are several 5/8", and one 7/8" Single Loop Bows. The bows and elastics are sold separately.

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