Christmas Stripe Dog Hair Bow - Gold, Hunter & Red
w/ Gold Bead - Size 3/8 or 5/8

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Price: $5.49
Item Number: CM017
Release Date: 11/14/08
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Add Barrette for $1 ? 5/8 Size Only:


Availability **** as of 1/2015 I am not currently accepting orders****


This Christmas Fancy Stripe Dog Hair Bow, is pictured in a single loop with flag back  style, and is created with a single verigated gold bead.  Buy 2 for your furbaby to wear as pairs in a double top-knot style!

Choice of size!! 3/8 Pictured, 5/8 Also Available!

  • For help with choosing the correct size, please visit our Bow Information area.
  • The 3/8 size is best for toy breeds 5 lbs & under.
  • Barrette only available in the 5/8 size; 3/8 size is too small for a barrette.
Know that it is made to last as it will be fabricated with a double layer of ribbon. This helps the bow retain it's perfect shape longer than bows made without this added ribbon. As always, stiffened for repeated use!

3/8 Bows are made using 1/4 light eight elastics for top-knot placement, 5/8 bows are made with 2 5/15 elastic bands. Other options include 5/16, or 3/8 medium weight, as well as 5/16 non-latex elastics.

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