Bow Repair

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Price: $2.50
Item Number: REPAIR
Release Date: 05/30/09

Need your old bows freshened up? Send them to Haley!

Why would you need this service?
  • Bow has gotten dirty
  • Bow has lost it's shape from repeated wear, or  being chewed
  • Elastics had to be cut off to remove the bow, or elastics broke (usually due to over-stretching them)
  • Barrette broke
  • Flag back needs to be re-cut
  • The bow is still in great shape, but needs to be freshened up!
Repair usually includes (as needed):
  • Replacing broken elastics, or adding a barrette
  • Washing the bow to remove dirt
  • re-stiffening
  • re-trimming the flag back

Repair fee of $2.50 does NOT include:

  • Replacing lost or damaged decorations. (Beads & flowers are .50 cents per bow, Buttons are $1.00 per bow, and rhinestones are $3.00 per bow)

Once repaired, the bow will usually look nearly new, if not new. The only exception would be dark color satin such as black, red, royal, and greens. They still look good, but not as good as lighter colors. It is still worth having them repaired, especially if it is one of the more expensive bows.

Haley limits the repair of bows to only those that she has made.


  • The customer is responsible for shipping charges both ways. To save $, send in bows to be repaired, and have them shipped back to you with an order for new bows.
  • Haley is not responsible for bows lost in the mail. Insure your package, or add tracking if you desire.
  • Be sure to send your bows back to Haley in a padded envelope or box. Paper envelopes can become stuck in postal machines.
  • Do NOT send your bows to the PO Box address found on this site. Haley has moved and this will only delay the receipt of your bows. Haley will contact you with the address to use.

Question: Can center decorations be re-sewn, or replaced?
Answer: Sometimes. You will have to send the bow in for Haley to look at, then she can tell you if it can be done. There is an additional fee for replacing lost or damaged decorations.

Question: Can all bows be repaired?
Answer: Usually, yes. However, if after receiving a bow for repair Haley feels the bow is not repairable she will let you know. Lots-a-loops bows probably cannot be repaired.

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