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:: This adds a barrette to a bow in your order ::

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Price: $1.00
Release Date: 05/01/02
Availability **** as of 1/2015 I am not currently accepting orders****

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**Adding this item to your cart is only necessary if you wish to have the cost of the barrettes added to your order total, so that they will help you reach the discount levels. Otherwise, if you don't add the barrette here, Haley will add the cost of each barrette you've requested AFTER checkout.

This item is to be added to your cart when you wish to customize your bows to be made with a barrette. This is NOT for the bow, only for the barrette.

  • Barrettes can be added to most 5/8 & 7/8 bows that are made with a flag back.

  • Instructions:
    1. Please read Haley's Barrette Safety, Info & Quality Concerns before you decide to choose the barrette option.

    2. In the Add barrette to this bow section above, enter the item number of the bow you wish to have made with a barrette. To limit confusion, Haley would prefer you enter one item number at a time.

    3. Then press the add to cart button.

    4. Then be sure you add the bow to your cart also, this is for the barrette only. When adding the bow to the cart make sure you select a barrette in the drop down menu. You will NOT be billed twice for the barrette.

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