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Payment Options: Canada & European Residents

Accepted Forms of Payment

**2/22/2009: We no longer ship to the United Kingdom.

Please read this entire page

  • Effective 2/2008, we now accept Visa or MasterCard. Your address must be verifiable via the address verification. If you address cannot be verified (because your bank does not support this service), we will not be able to accept payment via credit card. In this case, please see options for other countries.

  • Your payment will be processed once you confirm the shipping charges for your order. NOTE that the order will still ship according to the posted processing time for the items ordered.

  • Paying by credit card? Your order will be required to ship via an expedited shipping method (Express or Priority Mail).

    Express mail includes up to $100 insurance coverage, and has an average transit time of one week or less. This service starts at $30, with an average charge of $35.

    Priority Mail is uninsured in most cases. Uninsured rate is between $13 & $20. For shipping with insurance, the cost usually starts at about $24.

    If your order is over $30 USD, it is required to ship via an insured shipping method. Note that the minimum cost for shipping will be $24, the average rate is $30




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