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Ordering Options: Online, Phone, Mail or Fax

How to Order

Doing business with Bows by Haley is easy!
We offer 4 convenient ways to order...

  • Order Online: Use our secure shopping cart to place your order online. Then pay by Visa, MasterCard, Check/Money Order by mail, or PayPal. Online orders are eligible to receive special discounts! View the "Everyday Discounts" link found on the previous page.

  • Order by phone: Call Toll Free 1-877-DOG-BOWS (1-877-364-2697) Feel free to use our order form to compile your selections for faster ordering. If you receive our voice mail, please leave a message. We try to return all calls within 1 hour during business hours.

  • Order by US Mail: We've made it easy! Print out our Mail Order Form, compile your order, then snail mail it to us. Our address is on the order form.

  • Order by Fax: We've made it easy! Print out our Mail Order Form, compile your order, then pop it in your fax machine. Our fax # is on the order form. Our phone system will automatically detect that you are sending a fax, and receive it as normal.

Detailed payment  & shipping options are available in our Help section. Look for "Payment Options and "Shipping Options". 

If you need additional assistance with how to shop online, please CLICK HERE. The instructions found on this page were written by the developer of our shopping cart. If you find that your questions are still not answered, please feel free to call us.

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