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*BOW ORDERS: Order Processing / Completion / Shipping Times

In this area you will be able to determine the amount of time it will take to process your order. 

::The informstion below is for all handmade, made-to-order hair accessories only::
For all other items (such as collars), click here

Updated 8/21/2013 @ 9:21 am

  • Bow orders currently require a completion time of approximately 3* weeks. (see estimated time frames for older orders below) 

    *This is an estimated time frame, and subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • All of the bows found on this site are handmade by Haley, to your specifications, once your order has been received.  Due to the time involved in making each item, and the popularity of Haley's bows, bows are not shipped right away. As order volume fluctuates, the order completion time will also change. Haley does her best to estimate this time accurately. If you need bows right away, please consider RUSH Processing.

    If ordering today, use the estimated completion time above to determine when your bows will be shipped. Time estimates for orders placed prior to the most recent "Update" date are listed below. 
  • Unless paying via PayPal, payment is NOT processed for any order until the order is about to be processed. Therefore, your card will NOT be billed at the time your order is placed. Please keep this in mind!

  • Rush Processing is available for up to 4 bows per order. For details please search for item RUSH

  • Ordering non-handmade items also? If you're ordering items with different processing times, the longest processing time will apply for the entire order. If you wish for the items to be separately, please place 2 separate orders.

  • Previous time estimates:

    **3/26/13- The estimated shipping time frame of bows orders has been extended due to medical reasons. Contact me about your order for a shipping estimate. Thank you for your patience.** 

    -Bow orders placed prior to 3/26/13 were estimated to ship in about 6 weeks.
    ** See note above


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