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How big is that bow?

This topic is to help understand the actual size of the bows found on our website. If you need help picking a size for your pet, please also refer to the topic for "Choosing the correct size".

On our chart listed below:

The left column (ribbon width) refers to the width of the ribbon used to make the bow.
Middle column (bow style) refers to the style of bow. Adjusting the style of your bow can make what might have been a bow that was too big, just right. A double loop bow has a taller profile than a single loop bow. Requesting a single loop style significantly reduces the size.
Right column (bow width) refers to how wide the bow is, from side to side. The width of the flag back is not not taken into consideration in the measurement.

Ribbon Width Bow Style Approximate Bow Width (inches)
7/8 Double Loop 1-3/8
7/8 Single Loop 1-1/8
7/8 Bad Hair Day 1-7/8
5/8 Double Loop 1-1/4
5/8 Single Loop 1
5/8 Bad Hair Day 1-1/2
3/8 Double Loop 1-1/8
3/8 Single Loop 7/8
3/8 Bad Hair Day 1-1/4
3/8 Lots-A-Curlz 2
1/8 Lots-A-Loops 1-1/2

Size Examples:

Compare sizes further, and view a suggested size chart here: "Choosing the correct size"


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