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Custom Bows

Custom Bows

Have a special bow in mind, or want something new & unique? Request a custom bow!

The option of creating a custom bow will be added to our new shopping cart system within the coming months. Until then, please contact Haley by phone or email about your custom design.

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Quantity (How many bows you want in each style)

  • Ribbon size (3/8", 5/8", or 7/8")

  • What colors would you like your bow to be

  • Double or single loop

  • With or with out flag back

  • Flag back style

  • Which center decoration you would like

  • How fancy, or fun would you like your bow to be?

  • Is your pet male or female

Bow Pricing Guide
Bow Size: Bow Style Average Price
3/8 Single Loop Bows $4.99
3/8 Double Loop Bows $5.99
5/8 Single Loop Bows $5.49
5/8 Double Loop Bows $6.49
7/8 Single Loop Bows $5.49
7/8 Double Loop Bows $6.49
  • Adding extra layers of ribbon, such as a gold overlay, will increase the price.

  • Adding buttons or specialty center decorations will raise the price, on average, by $1.

  • Adding rhinestones, will on average raise the price by $3.

"Zoe" wearing a custom ladybug bow.


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