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How to Order Barrettes for Your Bows:

  • Please read over this entire before you decide on barrettes. Haley feels her bows are better, and safer when made with elastic bands vs. barrettes. Therefore, she has compiled the information below to express her concerns.

  • Once you've decided on customizing your bow to be made with a barrette, just select the "Yes - $1 will be added for each barrette AFTER checkout" option within the "Add barrette" drop down box, while adding the bow to your cart. **By selecting this option you must understand that they $1 fee per barrette will be added to your order total after checkout. This means after Haley reviews your order, she will add the cost of each barrette to your order total. Therefore, if your order total was $20 at checkout, and you request 5 bows be made with a barrette, your total will be adjusted to $25.


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Haley's Safety, Product & Return Policy Info

All of my bows are made with 2 elastic bands for topknot placement. This allows for the safest, and highest quality bow possible.

It is my opinion that barrettes create a increased risk of choking if ingested. Another issue to consider is that barrettes are not as sturdy as the elastic bands. The barrettes can come loose from the bow, where as the elastics will not. The barrettes can also break! The elastics are very high quality, and seldom break.

Because of the safety & quality concerns, I prefer not to attach barrettes to bows. Safety, and a sturdy, high quality bow are extremely important! Due to a high number of people requesting barrettes, I've opted to offer them only for the convenience of my customers. That said, I will add barrettes at your request, however you are agreeing to the following...

  • You understand Bows by Haley is NOT responsible in the event an accident or injury occurs.

  • You should choose the attachment (barrette vs. elastics) most suitable for your pet's temperament.

  • Haley feels that the best way to secure the barrettes is with a not-toxic craft glue. Thread has a tendency to break too easily. Even though the craft glue is the best, it is not as sturdy as the elastic bands. The barrettes can come loose from the bow. If this should happen, gently remove the excess glue from the back of the bow, and barrette. You can the re-attach the barrette using a low-temp glue gun.

  • The barrettes are small & fragile (compared to elastics), the 30mm barrettes are the most fragile. The barrettes can break! You must be sure to not put too much hair in the barrette, or press too hard on the release bars.

  • Which size barrette will be used?
    -30mm barrettes are always attached to 5/8" single loop bows.
    -30mm barrettes are attached to *some 5/8" double loop, and 7/8" Single Loop Bows
    -40mm Barrettes are used on all 7/8 Double Loop Bows
    *From time to time I may opt to make these with the larger 40mm barrettes. The 40mm barrettes are stronger, therefore, if I feel the barrette size will support the larger barrette, I may use it. If you would prefer a particular size please let me know when ordering. Notes can be made in the comments section when adding an item to the cart.

  • The bows may not have the exact same look as in the pictures. Attaching them to a barrette may give them a slightly less "poofy" look.

  • In most cases the Flag Back will be wider which means the bow wider! Please keep this in mind when ordering for small breeds.

  • Some bows are unable to be attached to a barrette. Bows without a flag back, and all 3/8" bows are not suitable for barrettes as they are not wide enough.

  • If you request a barrette, your bow will be made with a flag back regardless of how you've ordered the bow.

  • Bows with barrettes added cannot be returned for refund, or exchange, even if they break! Sorry, no exceptions. I test every barrette several times to insure they are in perfect working order. They are last tested immediately prior to be placed in the shipping box. They will not arrive broken!

  • Example of the type of barrette used (30mm pictured, 40mm is used on larger bows):

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Q. How well will the barrettes stay in my pet's hair?

A. How well the barrettes hold on to the hair depends on a couple of factors.

#1: How much hair is available to attach the barrette to. If your pet has thin hair, then a barrette will be harder to keep in.
#2: How you put the barrette in the hair. I recommend putting the hair up in an elastic band first. If you do this, you can slip the barrette through the hair, under the elastic. This will hold it in better.

Q. How well will the bow stay attached to the barrette?
A. Very well if taken care of. What that means is, if your pet drags his/her head along the floor or furniture, it will probably separate from the bow. How quickly would it separate? Well, that depends on how determined your pet is to get the bow out of his/her hair.

Q. Can Haley reattach a barrette for me if it comes loose?
In most cases, yes. There is a fee associated with this service. Please contact Haley for details.

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