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Order Cancellation Policy

Customer's Cancellation Policy:

  • If you wish to cancel an order, you must cancel PRIOR to your payment being processed. Most items are made-to-order, and once your payment has been processed, your items are being made.

  • If your payment has been processed, there will be a 20% to 30% processing fee on all cancellations. See our return policy for our return processing fees details. Payments are usually processed 1-14 days prior to shipping. We only process refunds in the form of store credit.

  • If you've ordered custom items, and your payment has been processed no refund will be given, no exceptions.

  • If your order was shipped, and returned to us for any reason, and you opt to not have it re-sent, your order will be cancelled in accordance with the cancellation (above) and return policy.


Bows by Haley's Right to Cancel Policy:

We reserve the right to cancel or not process any order, for reasons including, but not limited to those listed below.

  • Incomplete order information

  • No response to an inquiry from Bows by Haley

  • Invalid or incomplete payment information or type

  • Payment being returned for reasons such as NSF, or declined

  • Not accepting, or following the terms/policies found within this site

  • Item or items no longer being available for sale due to reasons such manufacturer discontinuation, components being out of stock or no longer available.

  • In the event an order is cancelled, the customer will be notified by email.


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