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Why use the Add to Wish List button instead of the Add to Cart button? 

You never know what the day will bring. With life being so busy it isn't often possible to sit down and look through our entire site at one sitting and decide on what you want... too many interruptions! The wish list takes care of this!

When you arrive at our site, login to your account, or create one if necessary, Then as you browse and find something you like, click the Add to Wish list button instead of the Add to Cart button. This way the items will be saved in your account. You can move them to the cart at any time, with the click of the button. If you only add items to the cart, then are unable to finish shopping, it is possible that your selections will be lost; this is not the case with the wish list!

  • Your wish list is permanently saved until you move the items to the cart, or delete them.

  • You can rate your wish list items with comments such as I'd love to have this, still deciding, or don't need it now.


This is a new feature for our site. Please let us know how you like it. You can leave your comments below. Thanks!


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