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Wholesale Offer as of 1/2010

Haley currently offers a 10% discount, and 2 week processing time for retail store owners. To qualify the following must apply:

  • Order total must reach $100 prior to the cost of shipping.
  • Order must be placed online & promo code entered during checkout.
  • You must own a retail, brick & mortar store that sells mainly pet related items - verification required.
  • Offer applies to hair bows and elastic bands only. (excludes collars, leads, harnesses, clothing, crystal barrettes). Any discount applied during checkout for any excluded items will be canceled, and re-added to the order total.
To obtain a promo code, please contact us by email with your business name, street address, phone number, tax ID or resale certificate number and website address if you have one. Haley will review your information and be in touch with you ASAP.

Thank you for your interest in Haley's products!


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